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*Custom Name* Hand made Christmas cat dog pet Stocking

*Custom Name* Hand made Christmas cat dog pet Stocking

SKU: 648636852
            CUSTOM NAME Fabulous hand made Christmas Stockings with a print of pets having a delicious christmas dinner! These are all individually hand finished with fabric paints so each one is unique.

With the custom name option, I can add in the name of the loved one its destined for in the top coloured section of the stocking, along with a wee jazzy pattern.

They are available with a yellow, green, or red top.

Size: 18 x 36cm, they are a decent size for a collection of wee presents. They are made of natural cotton.

Please do expect some slight variation from the pictures, as each is handmade they are all going to be a bit different. Colours etc and the base design should be pretty consistent though!
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