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Corner Shop Limited Edition Hand Finished Mounted Print

Corner Shop Limited Edition Hand Finished Mounted Print

SKU: 590771732

Chav cat buys his underage partner a wee bottle of Lambrini from the bored cashier at his local off license. His Juliet waits outside smoking her cigarette end and being tut tutted by the local old dear picking up her bits and bobs, entirely oblivious to the fact that her love is using her leftover change to purchase himself a cheeky lads mag for later.

Corner Shop Limited Edition Print, or Hand Finished Mounted Print

Available hand finished with liquid gold, copper and silver leaf and mounted with archival acid free mount board, cello wrapped.

Print only: £12
Print Hand finished with liquid gold leaf: £20
Mounted, hand finished print £30
( print mounted to fit 30 X 30 frame using archival acid free mount board with a bevel cut)

For items that are hand finished and mounted, please be aware that there will be small differences in their finish due to the hand made nature.

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