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Cat and Dog Temporary Tattoos

Cat and Dog Temporary Tattoos

SKU: 842227892
            Fabulously cute temporary tattoos, an A6 sheet featuring 11 tattoo designs, 7 large animals and 4 lil cute filler flowers and can's of Tennents.

Just cut out, remove plastic film, stick design side to skin and wet with cloth then slide backing away to reveal a fab wee tattoo! These are easy to remove by scrubbing with a bit of soap but can last around 5 days if not purposefully removed.

These make a super fun present that can be popped in a card or a great wee stocking/ birthday filler.

Designs include:

Tat cat, Chav cat, Unicycle kitty, Yoga Dog, Hot dog, Hello Kitty cat, Tennents can, Flowers.
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